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Sycan River

Flowing in from the east, the Sycan River seasonally feeds water into Sycan Marsh, supporting a variety of species. In turn, the marsh slowly releases water back into the river and, ultimately, Upper Klamath Lake. The unique features of this stream are its distinctive scenery that varies from a steep canyon to broad meadows before it joins the Sprague River near the town of Beatty, OR. The corridor contains a diversity of landform, rock form and vegetation, which is primarily coniferous with scattered old-growth Ponderosa pine and lodgepole pine flats intermingled with water-related riparian vegetation, such as willows and other deciduous shrubs. Expanses of sage and bitterbrush, in the dryer areas, lend diversity.

In 2011, KLLT purchased an 80 acre parcel on the Sycan River canyon a mile south of the Fremont-Winema National Forest. Falcons nest on the canyon walls, and native trout inhabit the river. The property is home to a vernal pool that harbors alkali fairy shrimp, previously unknown in the area.

Past restoration projects include upland and riparian planting. Future actions on this property will involve monitoring and research on the unique vernal pool.

A Wild & Scenic designation

On Oct. 28, 1988, 59 miles of the Sycan River in Klamath County were designated Wild & Scenic. This federal designation protects a river’s “outstandingly remarkable” values, free-flowing character and existing uses of the river while prohibiting federally-licensed dams and any other federally-assisted water resource project that would negatively impact the river’s outstanding values.

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