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Sprague River

This preserve is nestled in the Sprague River Valley.  The Land Trust is working to restore flood plain connectivity of the river and the vegetation on its banks. A model project for the region, this effort is in partnership with private and public organizations working together to restore the ecological health of the Upper Klamath Lake basin.

KLLT purchased this 316 acre property in 2012 with community support. With the goal of restoring it to its natural state for the benefit of wildlife, we have initiated several restoration projects, including riparian and upland planting; worked with faculty and students at OIT on installing piezometers in order to monitor the water table on the property; and enrolled the property into the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), a federal, state, and local partnership designed to retire environmentally sensitive pasture and cropland to achieve restoration and long-term protection. In August 2015, KLLT and our partners, began the most intensive part of the restoration project by removing 1.5 miles of levees along the river, reconnecting it to its historic floodplain. In 2017, KLLT planted nearly 18,000 native plants and trees in the riparian area and seeded the upland sections of the property with native grasses and native wildflowers. Also in 2017, a trail bed was formed, leading from the parking area to the Sprague River.  KLLT staff will continue monitoring and conservation management as needed.

In 2017 KLLT purchased a property downstream that is referred to as the Sprague River Islands, and is 15 acres that comprose another 1/2 mile of the Sprague River, as it winds through islands and channels. Initial restoration of this property included fence repair and planting.

In 2019 KLLT was gifted 40 acres further upstream. This property is extensively restored through many years of hard work by Mike Love. The land was bare dirt when Mike got it, and after 20 years of planting has 30 foot tall trees, strong willow community, and vibrant wetlands. KLLT is eager to take next steps in the management and restoration of a functioning river wetland.

If you would like to visit the 316 acre property, click here for directions. No dogs, please.

9 photo(s) Updated on: 29 Mar 2016
  • Sensitive species Rorippa found on our property.
  • OIT professor and students installing piezometers on our Sprague River property to monitor the water table.
  • Spring 2015. Planting along the Sprague River.
  • Spring 2015. Planting along the Sprague River.
  • March 2016. Flooding in the Sprague River Valley near the town of Sprague River.
  • March 2016. Aerial shot of flooding on our Sprague River property.
  • Fall 2013. Planting along the Sprague River.
  • March 2016. First flooding since levee removal at the end of August 2015.
  • August 2015. Pre levee removal.

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