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The Klamath Lake Land Trust aims to secure the region's health in perpetuity for future generations. We're working to ensure that the future of the Klamath Basin will include healthy rivers, forests, and steppe, in concert with environmentally sustainable and economically viable stock grazing and forestry enterprises. 

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KLLT hosted 22 kayakers on July 7 on the Wood River Wetland and Agency Lake for a paddle and lunch on the lake! Stay tuned to the rest of the events this year and the 2019 schedule of events!

Please contact us if you have ideas or want to volunteer  this fall or into 2019.  

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Our Tablelands hikers help tote bird houses to the Tablelands forest and hung them for the tree swallows and mountain bluebirds.

The Klamath Lake Land Trust is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of natural land in southern Oregon. When you support the Klamath Lake Land Trust, you help people in your community conserve the lands that enrich your life - ensuring clean air and water, natural beauty, and special places to explore.

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Our Work

At KLLT, we use land acquisitions, conservation easements, ecologically informed restoration practices and public education to conserve and preserve the special places in the Upper Klamath Basin.  In November, 2018, KLLT purchased a 785 acre parcel on the Sycan River the Knott Tablelands.  This special land is important habitat for elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, gray wolf, coyote, badger, mink, Lewis woodpecker, tree swallow, violet-green swallow, horned lark, moutain bluebird, hawks, eagles and owls, just to name a few.  This area is rich in American Indian cultural heritage and is very special land to The Tribes.  We are in communication with the Klamath Tribes with respect to the land and how best to manage this pristine wilderness.

We currently own six properties:

We own several parcels of land on the Knott Tablelands and the Sycan River amounting to nearly 1,100 acres of pristine wilderness and conservation corridors and over to miles of riverfront property.

Klamath Lake Land Trust also holds one 14 acre conservation easement:

We also have a 300 acre conservation easement in progress at the Caledonia White Oak & mixed conifer woodlands.

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